Bill McKibben - Author. Educator. Environmentalist.Bill McKibben - Author. Educator. Environmentalist.


The Flag, The Cross, and the Station WagonThe Flag, the Cross, and the Station Wagon

“If we survive the interlocking plagues of climate change, right-wing authoritarianism, and savage inequality, future generations will utter the name of the New England moral visionary and activist McKibben with the reverence we speak of Emerson, Thoreau, and Garrison. ”

Like so many of us, McKibben grew up believing—knowing—that the United States was the greatest country on earth. As a teenager, he cheerfully led American Revolution tours in Lexington, Massachusetts. He sang “Kumbaya” at church. And with the remarkable rise of suburbia, he assumed that all Americans would share in the wealth.


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Articles & Media - Climate Change Is About Power

Rolling Stone

Obama and Climate Change: The Real Story
The president has said the right things about climate change – and has taken some positive steps. But we're drilling for more oil and digging up more carbon than ever
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Movements Without Leaders
What to Make of Change on an Overheating Planet
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Do The Math

Dance of the Honey Bee

Bill Moyers presents the short documentary “Dance of the Honey Bee.” Narrated by Bill McKibben, the film takes a look at the determined, beautiful, and vital role honey bees play in preserving life, as well as the threats bees face from a rapidly changing landscape.

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