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Global Warming Resources

From the Step It Up 2007 team, including materials
from the book, Fight Global Warming Now, as well
as newly added additional resources.

Books and Research Reports

Saul Alinksy, Rules for Radicals: A Practical Primer for Realistic Radicals (New York: Random House, 1971). The classic handbook on activism by legend Alinsky.

Bread and Puppet Theater, Why Cheap Art? Manifesto. Glover, Vt.: Bread and Puppet Press. A quick-and-dirty guide to the best of creative activism. The Bread and Puppet Press offers a range of materials on everything from how to make puppets to inspiring scribbles. You can view their catalog on Bread and Puppet Theater.

Laurie David, Stop Global Warming: The Solution Is You (Golden, Colo.: Fulcrum Press, 2006). An environmental activist provides testimony of her own grassroots efforts to stop global warming and shows how and why others can get involved personally. For more, visit Stop Global Warming.

David De Rothschild. The Live Earth Global Warming Survival Handbook: 77 Essential Skills to Stop Climate Change (Emmaus, Pa.: Rodale Press, 2007). The official companion volume to the July 2007 Live Earth concerts presents seventy-seven personal life choices to help stop climate change.

Paul R. Epstein, and Evan Mills, eds., "Climate Change Futures: Health, Ecological and Economic Dimensions" (Cambridge, Mass.: Center for Health and Global Environment, Harvard Medical School, with sponsorship from Swiss Re and the UN Development Programme), November 2005. Available at: Swiss Re.

Malcolm Gladwell, The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference (Boston: Little, Brown, 2000). A wonderful overview of creative ways to make your ideas "stick" and "tip." An overview and reading guide are available at the author's Web site.

Al Gore, An Inconvenient Truth (Emmaus, Pa.: Rodale Press, 2006). The award-winning documentary, in book form, that charts the consequences of global warming and exposes the myths and misconceptions that surround the science. Information about the book and documentary is available at Climate Crisis.

Paul Hawken, Blessed Unrest: How the Largest Movement in the World Came into Being and Why No One Saw It Coming (New York: Viking, 2007). An inspiring look at today's environmental movement by a dedicated champion of sustainability.

Chip and Dan Heath, Made It Stick (New York: Random House, 2007). A college professor and a corporate education researcher explain what makes some products, ideas, myths, trends, and movements in history catch on and become a part of the public conscience. Their blog offers extra insights.

Mike Hudema and Jacob Rolfe, An Action A Day Keeps Global Capitalism Away (Toronto, Ont.: Between the Lines Press, 2004). For concerned citizens, an introduction to a variety of strategies, including social action, organizing, civil disobedience, and using the media.

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, "Climate Change 2007: The Physical Science Basis," February 2007, and on the IPPC website. An essential report from the working group tasked with looking at the physical evidence for global warming in advance of the IPCC's five-year report, released in May. A number of technical and policy papers are available from the IPPC. Printed versions are available from Cambridge University Press.

George Lakoff, Don't Think of an Elephant: Know Your Values and Frame the Debate (White River Junction, Vt.: Chelsea Green Publishing, 2004). The definitive handbook on how to communicate effectively about key issues. Lakoff breaks down the ways in which conservatives have framed issues in the past and provides examples for progressives who wish to reframe the debate on their own terms.

Bill Moyer, et al., Doing Democracy: The MAP Model for Organizing Social Movements (Gabriola Island, B.C.: New Society Publishers, 2001). Provides both a theory and working model for understanding and analyzing social movements, ensuring that they are successful in the long term. Doing Democracy outlines the eight stages of social movements, the four roles of activists, and case studies from numerous movements. The Change Agency provides an overview.

Magazines and Periodicals

Adirondack Explorer. A not-for-profit, bimonthly magazine devoted to the East's great Adirondack Park and how to use it wisely, enjoy it fully, and protect it permanently.

Creation Care. Evangelical Environmental Network's flagship publication, it provides biblically informed and timely articles on topics related to religion and environmental issues.

Orion. One of the longest-standing nature-related publications, with a new emphasis on environmental issues.

Plenty. An environmental media company dedicated to exploring and giving voice to the green revolution.

Yes!. Supports the creation of a more just, sustainable, and compassionate world.

Climate Change Organizations and Web Sites

Alliance for Climate Protection. An nonpartisan organization addressing climate change through government, business (including energy, technology, finance, and media), and civil society groups.

Campus Climate Change. A project of more than thirty leading youth organizations throughout the United States and Canada that helps students on college campuses and high schools to win 100 percent Clean Energy policies at their schools.

Chesapeake Climate Action Network. The first grassroots, not-for-profit organization dedicated exclusively to fighting global warming in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C.

Climate Action Network (CAN). A worldwide network of more than 365 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) working to promote government and individual action to limit human-induced climate change to ecologically sustainable levels.

Climate Ark. A climate change and global warming portal and search engine that promotes public policy on global climate change through reductions in carbon dioxide and other emissions, renewable energy, energy conservation, and ending deforestation.

Climate Corps. An outgrowth of the Climate Project, a free membership organization devoted to slowing and reversing the current trend of global warming, which threatens the planet with massive and dire ecological and economic consequences if action is not taken immediately.

Climate Counts. A not-for-profit campaign that annually scores companies on the basis of their voluntary actions to reverse climate change. A unique collaboration between Stonyfield Farm and Clean Air-Cool Planet, it helps people make critical distinctions between well-known brands that are leaders in the green movement.

Climate Crisis Coalition. Seeks to broaden the circle of individuals, organizations, and constituencies engaged in the global warming issue, to link it with other issues and to provide a structure to forge a common agenda and advance action plans with a united front.

Climate USA Focuses on efforts to create "A Call to Action to Midterm Congressional Candidates."

Climate Project. A not-for-profit organization dedicated to educating the public and governments on the growing crisis of global warming.

Climate Voters. A not-for-profit grassroots effort dedicated to making the prevention of catastrophic climate change one of America's top political priorities in the upcoming elections by 1) leveraging the voting power of individuals in this country who recognize the critical importance of addressing climate change; and 2) empowering this constituency to unite and demand leadership on climate change from their elected officials.

Cool Cities. The Sierra Club's guide to the American cities that have signed the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement to stop global warming.

Exxpose Exxon. A collaborative effort of several of the nation's largest environmental and public advocacy organizations aimed at educating the public about ExxonMobil's efforts to block action on global warming, drill in the Arctic Refuge, and keep America addicted to oil.

Focus the Nation. Coordinating teams of faculty and students at over a thousand colleges, universities, and K-12 schools in the United States to collaboratively engage in a nationwide, interdisciplinary discussion about "Global Warming Solutions for America."

Global Warming Education Network. A U.S.-based not-for-profit organization dedicated to spreading awareness and encouraging action relating to global warming and its adverse impacts.

Heat Is On. A project to make global warming a priority issue during the presidential primaries. Educates voters, works with concerned political donors, and challenges the media to make climate change a top political issue.

Home International. Providing continuing community education and events about climate change for the student and philanthropic segments of our society to stimulate remedial and adaptive solutions by individuals, business, and government.

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Established by WMO and the UNEP to assess scientific, technical and socio- economic information relevant for the understanding of climate change, its potential impacts and options for adaptation and mitigation.

It's Getting Hot in Here. Dispatches from the global youth climate movement.

Low Carbon Diet Initiative. Offers a suite of carbon-reduction tools centering on the Low-Carbon Diet workbook-an easy-to-use, illustrated guide that walks individuals or small groups ("EcoTeams") through a time-tested CO2-reduction program. Global Warming Cafe is a four-hour discussion-format workshop that anyone can host as a way to rally their community in response to the climate crisis. The Cool Community Campaign helps communities achieve a 20 percent reduction in carbon by 2010.

Medical Alliance to Stop Global Warming. A new medical student/physician initiative to highlight health consequences of global warming and encourage action in the medical community.

Muse Campaign. A project of "Cool Our Planet," a not-for-profit organization. Links the world's musical and artistic talent with the business capability and community-building power of the Internet to educate the public, change individual lifestyles, and influence public policy on climate change. Also raises funds for projects that lower greenhouse gases and help victims of climate crisis.

Pew Center on Global Climate Change. A nonpartisan information source on global warming. The Pew Center's Business Environmental Leadership Council (BELC) is the largest U.S.-based business association focused on global warming solutions. A list of BELC member companies and programs is included on the site.

Play-It-Forward. A movement based on the Oscar-winning documentary film An Inconvenient Truth and committed to inspiring people to take action to reverse the adverse effects of global warming. Distributes free copies of An Inconvenient Truth for educational use.

Southern Alliance for Clean Energy. A not-for-profit, nonpartisan organization that promotes responsible energy choices that can help ensure clean, safe, and healthy communities throughout the Southeast United States.

Stop Global Warming. A non partisan effort to bring citizens together to declare that global warming is here now and that it is time to demand solutions.

Students United for a Responsible Global Environment. A North Carolina-based student network that operates a moderated listserv of national announcements on climate change and other environmental issues.

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Over a decade ago, most countries joined this international treaty to address what could be done to reduce global warming. This site contains introductory and in-depth publications, the official UNFCCC and Kyoto Protocol texts, and a search engine to the UNFCCC library.

U.S. Climate Emergency Council. A not-for-profit organization dedicated to rigorous grassroots action in the fight to stop global warming and promote a clean energy future.

United States Conference of Mayors Climate Protection Page. Background information on the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement, links to mayors making news on global warming, and a list or resolutions adopted by the conference since 2000.

Environmental Organizations and Web Sites

Adirondack Mountain Club. A not-for-profit membership organization that protects wildlands and waters through a balanced approach of conservation and advocacy, environmental education, and responsible recreation.

Appalachian Voices. Brings people together to solve the environmental problems having the greatest impact on the central and southern Appalachian Mountains.

Bioneers. A not-for-profit organization that promotes practical environmental solutions and innovative social strategies for restoring the earth and communities.

Blue Frontier Campaign. Works to support seaweed (marine grassroots) efforts at the local, regional, and national level, with an emphasis on bottomup organizing to bring the voice of citizen activists into national decision making.

Center For Biological Diversity. A conservation organization dedicated to protecting endangered plants, animals, and the wild places we all need to thrive.

Earth Day Network. Founded by the organizers of the first Earth Day in 1970, it promotes environmental citizenship and year-round progressive action worldwide.

Environmental News Network. Comprehensive news and commentary about living on the Earth. Readers can sign up for an RSS feed of the site or individual "channels," including on "global warming & climate change" news.

Friends of the Earth. Defends the planet and champions a healthy and just world. Active in seventy countries, it is the world's largest network of grassroots environmental groups.

Greenpeace. Focuses on the most crucial worldwide threats to our planet's biodiversity and environment.

Green Seniors. Environmental action with no age limit.

Grist. The best in online environmental journalism: "Doom and gloom with a sense of humor."

Gulf Restoration Network. A diverse network of local, regional, and national groups dedicated to protecting and restoring the valuable natural resources of the Gulf of Mexico. The GRN has members in the five Gulf states of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida and nationwide.

Honor the Earth. Supports Native environmental issues and develops needed financial and political resources for the survival of sustainable Native communities.

League of Conservation Voters. The independent political voice for the environment. To secure the environmental future of our planet, advocates for sound environmental policies and the election of pro-environmental candidates who will adopt and implement such policies.

Mother Earth News. The original guide to living wisely.

Natural Resources Defense Council. Uses law, science, and the support of 1.2 million members and online activists to protect the planet's wildlife and wild places and ensure a safe and healthy environment for all living things.

National Wildlife Federation. Inspires Americans to protect wildlife for our children's future.

The Northwest Earth Institute. Offers programs that encourage participants to explore their values, attitudes, and actions through discussion with other people.

Orion Grassroots Network. The fastest-growing hub of environmental and community organizations in North America, actively supporting more than a thousand organizations.

Rainforest Action Network. Works to protect the earth and support human rights through corporate campaigning, education, grassroots organizing, and non violent direct action.

Reef Relief. A not-for-profit grassroots membership organization dedicated to preserving and protecting living coral reef ecosystems through local, regional, and international efforts.

Student Conservation Voters. A national youth program of the League of Conservation Voters Education Fund that trains and organizes students to make their voices heard in elections and with elected officials.

Urban Divers Estuary Conservancy. A not-for-profit grassroots environmental organization composed of volunteer scientific divers, waterway stewards, and citizen monitors committed to active participation in the public education, restoration, conservation, and protection of our rivers, oceans, and marine wildlife, with a special focus on restoration of the New York-New Jersey Harbor Estuary.

What's in My Water. Educating the public on the EPA's role to enforce water-pollution regulations.

World Resources Institute. An environmental think tank that works to reverse rapid degradation of ecosystems; protect the global climate system from further harm due to emissions of greenhouse gases; harness markets and enterprises to expand economic opportunity; and protect the environment.

Green-Oriented Business and Sustainable Energy Organizations and Web Sites

1% For the Planet. An alliance of companies that recognize the true cost of doing business and donate 1 percent of their sales to environmental organizations worldwide.

Better World Club. The nation's only environmentally friendly auto club. It donates 1 percent of revenues to environmental cleanup and advocacy, and offers unique, eco-friendly roadside assistance, insurance, and travel alternatives.

Co-Op America. To harness economic power-the strength of consumers, investors, businesses, and the marketplace-to create a socially just and environmentally sustainable society.

Alliance for a Sustainable Future. An organization committed to bringing to life the practices, stories, and images to inspire and generate a shift to sustainable living.

American Solar Energy Society. The U.S. section of the International Solar Energy Society, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the development and adoption of renewable energy in all its forms, including solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, hydrogen energy, ocean energy, biofuels energy, and energy efficiency.

ESCOA Institute. Offers semester programs in sustainable design and summer workshops in permaculture and alternative construction.

Green Banners. Offers photo-quality, full-color printing for a wide variety of banner and signage on recycled, renewable, and recyclable earth-friendly materials.

Green Exchange. The first business community committed to environmental sustainability, profit, and positive social impact. A 250,000-square-foot concrete loft building showcases a mix of complementary businesses that offer a unique collection of leading-edge products and services to the environmentally conscientious consumer.

Imagining Tomorrow. A creative writing and video contest about clean energy for all high school students in the United States, with state and regional levels. Top entries go on to the national level, with $10,000 committed in prizes to the national winners.

International Forum for Globalization. An alliance of sixty leading activists, scholars, economists, researchers, and writers formed to stimulate new thinking, joint activity, and public education in response to economic globalization.

Kitchen Gardeners International. Empowering individuals, families, and communities to achieve greater levels of food self-reliance through the promotion of kitchen gardening, home-cooking, and sustainable local food systems.

Mesa Environmental Sciences, Inc. A woman-owned energy and environmental services company. Dedicated to providing expert services to our clients.

Native Energy. A privately held Native American energy company that helps help build Native, farmer-owned, community-based renewable energy projects.

Natural Capitalism Solutions. Educates senior decision makers in business, government, and civil society about the principles of sustainability.

New American Dream. Helps Americans consume responsibly to protect the environment, enhance quality of life, and promote social justice.

Northeast Sustainable Energy Association. The Northeast's leading organization of professionals and concerned citizens working in sustainable energy and whole systems thinking.

Oil Change International. A campaign to expose the true costs of oil and facilitate the coming transition toward clean energy.

Organic Home. Offers clients a unique home and office service providing green cleaning, organizing, design, and consultation.

Project Laundry List. Uses words, images, and advocacy to educate people about how simple lifestyle modifications, including air-drying clothes, reducing our dependence on environmentally and culturally costly energy sources. The group hosts National Hanging Out Day events on April 19 each year.

Real Green Goods. A small retail operation offering the highest standards in eco-friendly products with the lowest impact to Earth and its inhabitants. Dedicated to selling organic products, and Fair Trade and U.S.-made items.

Renewable Energy Trust. Seeks to maximize environmental and economic benefits for citizens by pioneering and promoting clean energy technologies and fostering the emergence of sustainable markets for electricity generated from renewable sources

SEPTA. The fifth-largest transit agency nationwide, providing more than 1.1 million daily trips to residents of southeastern Pennsylvania, northern Delaware, and Trenton, New Jersey. Fleet consists of hybrid-electric buses, clean diesel buses, trolleys, vans and all-electric subway-elevated and regional rail trains. As a result, the Philadelphia region has the second-lowest ratio of cars per capita of any major U.S. metropolis, resulting in less highway congestion and the opportunity to enjoy cleaner air. All buses contain bicycle racks.

Solar Energy Industries Association. The national trade association of solar energy manufacturers, dealers, distributors, contractors, installers, architects, consultants, and marketers. Works to expand the use of solar technologies in the global marketplace.

Stonyfield Farm. The leading producer of organic yogurt in the world and a leader in social and environmental responsibility in business, the company gives away 10 percent of its profits to organizations and projects that work to protect and restore the earth.

Vote Solar Initiative. An organization dedicated to bringing solar energy into the mainstream.

WaterCheck. A leading marketer of water-related products that give people a new experience of their H2O. It is also the home of the famous WaterMan's Blog, which keeps you up to date about all things H2O. A portion of all revenues supports water-sustainability programs throughout the globe.

Working Assets. Established in 1985with an environmentally sustainable outlook when customers use a Working Assets donation-linked service (long distance, wireless, and credit card), the company donates a portion of the charges to non profit progressive groups.

Yestermorrow. A design/build school dedicated to a better, more sustainable world. Provides hands-on education that integrates design and construction as a creative, interactive process.

Political Organizations and Web Sites

Alternet. An award-winning online news magazine and community that creates original journalism and amplifies dozens of other independent media sources. A community of global citizens who take action on the major issues facing the world today based on a vision of globalization that has a human face.

Bus Project. A grassroots movement that has mobilized thousands of volunteers and activists in the state of Oregon. It creates forums to learn about candidates and policy issues, and "BusPAC" works to elect the best progressive candidates in the state.

COA News. A not-for-profit online news network featuring diverse, credible independent news and current affairs.

Codepink-Women for Peace. A women-initiated grassroots peace and social justice movement working to end the war in Iraq, stop new wars, and redirect our resources into health care, education, and other life-affirming activities.

Daily Kos. News from the progressive world.

Friends of Animals. An international, not-for-profit organizational base for the animal rights movement in New York, established in 1957. It brings critical habitat and environmental issues into the animal-advocacy sphere, as they advocate for the right of animals to live free according to their own terms.

Global Exchange. A membership-based international human rights organization dedicated to promoting social, economic, and environmental justice around the world.

Hello Cool World. Makes connections and supports and generates social cause campaigns. Notorious for its ongoing association with the blockbuster film The Corporation. Both cheeky and smart. Brings real Americans back into the political process. With over 3.3 million members across America-from carpenters to stay-at-home moms to business leaders-it works to realize the progressive promise of our country.

No War No Warming! Acknowledges the ways in which war and climate change are linked and the need for people throughout the world to take action to end both.

Physicians for Social Responsibility. A not-for-profit advocacy organization that is the medical and public health voice for policies to stop nuclear war and proliferation and to slow and reverse global warming and toxic degradation of the environment.

Service Employees International Union. The fastest-growing union in North America. SEIU members fight for better wages, health care, and more secure job to help ensure that workers, not just corporations and CEOs, benefit from the global economy.

Topics Education. Founded in 1995 by a former teacher, this is a values-led education outreach and communications company based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

TrueMajority. Monitors Washington and sends short e-mail alerts for action on specific issues.

United for Peace and Justice. A coalition of more than 1,300 local and national groups throughout the United States who have joined to protest the Iraq war and oppose the U.S. government's policy of permanent warfare and empire building.

U.S. PIRG. A federation of state Public Interest Research Groups (PIRGs) with a strong network of researchers, advocates, organizers, and students that stands up to powerful special interests on issues to promote clean air and water, protect open space, stop identity theft, fight political corruption, provide safe and affordable prescription drugs, and strengthen voting rights.

Visual Resistance. A crew of artists and activists based in Brooklyn who first came together to organize the "No RNC Poster Project" in summer 2004. Uses art to transform and liberate public space, addresses local struggles, urban development, freedom of speech, and political repression. The Web site contains a blog, instructions on how to make street art, and information on upcoming events.

Vote Smart. A nonpartisan, not-for-profit voter education project that includes a Web-based database of biographical and contact information for elected officials at the local, state, and federal level. Includes data on voting records and state ballot initiatives.

Working Films. Advances social, economic, environmental, and racial justice by linking independent non fiction media to activism.

Religious Organizations and Web Sites

Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life. Seeks to expand the contemporary understanding of such Jewish values as tikkun olam (repairing the world) and tzedek (justice) to include the protection of both people and other species from environmental degradation.

Earth Ministry. Inspires and mobilizes the Christian community to play a leadership role in building a just and sustainable future.

Eco-Justice Ministries. An independent, ecumenical agency that helps churches answer the call to care for all of God's creation and develop ministries that are faithful, relevant, and effective in working toward social justice and environmental sustainability.

Evangelical Environmental Network. An evangelical ministry dedicated to the environment through the teachings of the Bible to "declare the Lordship of Christ over all creation" (Col. 1:15-20).

Interfaith Walk for Climate Rescue. An archive of materials from the March 2007 walk from Northampton to Boston, Massachusetts, organized and composed of religious leaders and activists demanding for swift, bold, and comprehensive political action to address global warming.

Islamic Foundation for Ecology and Environment Sciences. An internationally recognized organization articulating the Islamic position on environmental issues. They research and distribute books, journals, teaching and training materials on the rapid destruction of the Earth's ecosystems. It has established an experimental center focusing on land use, organic farming and the development of alternative technology.

National Council of Churches. Works in cooperation with the NCC Eco-Justice Working Group to provide an opportunity for the national bodies of member Protestant and Orthodox denominations to work together to protect and restore the environment.

National Religious Partnership for the Environment. Guided by biblical teaching, seeks to encourage people of faith to weave values and programs of care for God's creation throughout the entire fabric of religious life.

Presbyterians for Restoring Creation. A nationwide grassroots network that connects, equips, and inspires Presbyterians and other people of faith to care for God's creation.

Regeneration Project/Interfaith Power and Light. A campaign mobilizing a national religious response to global warming while promoting renewable energy, energy efficiency and conservation.

Web of Creation. A religious organization fostering the eco-justice movement. Also provides information and connections for theology students interested in environmental ministry.

Science Web Sites

Environmental Protection Agency Glossary of Climate Change Terms. An overview of key global warming terms from "aerosol" to "wastewater."

Nature Climate Feedback. An expert blog on the science and social implications of climate change from the renowned journal Nature.

New Scientist Climate Change Special Report. A special report explaining the potential threats of global warming, the physics of the "greenhouse effect" and what must be done by all nations in the future.

Real Climate. A commentary site on climate science by working climate scientists, free from politics and economic discussion. The site aims to provide a quick response to developing stories and provide the context sometimes missing in mainstream commentary.

Scientific American Observations This section of the website of Scientific American, the oldest continuously published magazine in the United States, displays links to blogs, articles, photos and videos describing observations about global warming and climate change.

Seed ScienceBlogs Planter Earth Channel. A portal to the global dialogue on climate change that features leading bloggers from a wide array of scientific disciplines. Launched in January 2006, it is the largest online community dedicated to science.

Union of Concerned Scientists. The leading science-based not-for-profit working for a healthy environment and a safer world. Combines independent scientific research and citizen action to develop innovative, practical solutions and to secure responsible changes in government policy, corporate practices, and consumer choices. Programs include the Renewable Electricity Standards Toolkit, a database of state regulations on clean-energy sources, and numerous papers on personal and policy actions for stopping climate change.

General Service Web Sites

Backpack It. An online networking tool that allows users to share to-do lists, files, notes, and calendars, and more.

Blogger. One of the easiest blogging tools available. It offers a range of design templates (with some customization options) and the ability to moderate comments. In addition, WordPress and TypePad offer blogging tools with more functionality and flexibility.

BlogLines. An independent RSS (Really Simple Syndication) reader for managing blogs and websites that you read regularly.

CafePress. A global and growing network of over 2.5 million independent shopkeepers and members in addition to syndicated and corporate stores.

Craigslist. A network of online urban communities, featuring free classified advertisements and forums sorted by various topics.Craigslist is the leading classifieds service in any medium.

DemocracyInAction. A not-for-profit that provides Internet tools, including listservs, for progressive organizations. Fees are determined based on number of supporters and services provided. Among the handy features offered: email forms that you can use to spread the word from the comfort of your own site.

ElectricEmbers. An activist-oriented Internet hosting service with fees set on a sliding scale that is used by several environmental organizations.

Evite. A Web-based event manager that can be used to announce, schedule, and publicize a gathering, whether a party or a planning meeting.

FaceBook. A social networking site that primarily caters to current students and recent graduates. A great way to get word out about an event on campus.

Flickr. A photo-sharing Web site that allows you to create an online repository of digital photos and public groups for sharing digital photos from an event. Flickr also provides hyperlinks for embedding photos into other Web sites and blogs. An independent site, FlickrShow, allows you to embed a slideshow of photographs on an outside site. Photobucket is another free photo-sharing Web site.

Freecycle. A grassroots and entirely nonprofit movement to further develop community reuse and recycling on a globally local scale in over seventy countries. Each local group is moderated by a local volunteer.

Google Groups. A free, Web-based listserv that allows easy distribution of emails and shared files to a large mailing list of subscribers. Other easy-to-use, free Web-based listservs include those hosted by RiseUp, Topica, Yahoo! Groups.

Google Mail. A free, Web-based email service offered by Google that offers 2.5+ gigabytes of storage, a clean interface, and powerful but easy ways to search, organize, and send email.

Google News Alerts. An email news service that provides a daily, weekly, monthly, or immediate digest of online news and blogs that discuss terms of your choosing.

Google Reader. Google's RSS reader for managing frequently read blogs and websites. A database of keyword-tagged photographs that can be used online for a fee.

MeetUp. A Web-based group manager focused on planning gatherings based around interests and activities.

MySpace. One of the prototypical social networking sites. It allows users—which can be a person, a group, or an ad hoc organization—to upload selected digital photos, audio, and video; maintain a calendar of upcoming events; and easily contact people within a network. Other social networking sites include Orkut, Hi5, Care2, and Zaadz.

Twango. A free file-publishing and sharing Web site that allows users to upload digital photographs, audio, and video.

United States Newspaper and News Media Guide. An online guide to newspaper and Internet news sources, listed by city and by state.

Wikipedia. The completely free, open-source online encyclopedia.

YouTube. The largest digital-video-sharing Web site on the Internet. It allows you to embed videos on your Web page or blog. Other video-sharing sites include Vimeo and Google Video, which both have a higher file-size limit for video uploads than YouTube.

Sample Materials from Step It Up 2007

Sheet [PDF]

Global Warming Education Sheet on Personal Action [PDF]

Global Warming Education Sheet on Political Action [PDF]

Global Warming Education Sheet for Kids [PDF]

Banner Making Guide [PDF]

Printable Sticker Sheet [PDF]

Customizable Full-Page Flyer [PDF]

Customizable Full-Page Flyer [PDF]

Customizable Half-Page Flyer [PDF]

General Full-Page Flyer [PDF]

Media Advisory Materials, including sample talking points, press releases, letters to the editor, and op-eds from Step It Up 2007

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