Bill McKibben - Author. Educator. Environmentalist.Bill McKibben - Author. Educator. Environmentalist.

Fight Global Warming Now book coverFight Global Warming Now

The Handbook for Taking Action
in Your Community

Bestselling author Bill McKibben turns activist in the first hands-on guidebook to stopping climate change, the world's greatest threat.

Hurricane Katrina. A rapidly disappearing Arctic. The warmest winter on the East Coast in recorded history. The leading scientist at NASA warns that we have only ten years to reverse climate change; the British government's report on global warming estimates that the financial impact will be greater than the Great Depression and both world wars—combined. Bill McKibben, the author of the first major book on global warming, The End of Nature, warns that it's no longer time to debate global warming, it's time to fight it.

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Step It Up 2007 Resources

Dear friend,

The Step It Up national day of action on April 14, 2007, took grassroots organizing into the Internet age. In just three months, more than 1,400 events were organized via the Step It Up website and held in local communities in all fifty states to demand that the president and Congress take serious action to reduce carbon "80% by 2050." Fight Global Warming Now provides the strategies and tools for building the movement against climate change.

On this site you can find a page of resources from the book—as well as some great new ones that we have found since the book went to press—which should make finding credible information, collaborative partnerships, and extensive media lists even easier.

We've also included PDF files and links for some of the organizing materials we pulled together for Step It Up 2007, including our education sheets and customizable flyers and stickers. Of course, you'll want to design your own materials for your event, but lots of people have asked for samples to give them inspiration. Borrow away!

And if you're looking for more information about the 2007 day of action, visit the Step It Up website, which includes the Step It Up blog, action reports from the hundreds of events held on April 14 as well as follow-up outreach to Congress, and highlights of the press coverage.

And once you've got your action event underway, please send us an email at—we'd love to hear about it.

Bill McKibben and the Step It Up team— Phil Aroneanu, Will Bates, May Boeve, Jamie Henn, Jeremy Osborn, and Jon Warnow

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